This blog has been all about change. I’ve gained a kid and lost a spouse through a divorce since the inception of this blog. Life is supposed to be about changes, though, right? We were never meant to stay stagnant. We were created to always be moving. We were created with a purpose. Because you haven’t yet found yours does not mean you don’t have one.

I can understand how seeing those younger than you find their purpose can feel disheartening. It can make you feel discouraged. Sometimes it may make you question yourself and your self worth. Their path, their calling, what God needs them to do in the world is different from what He is needing you to do. Just as a doctor needs considerably more instruction before heading out to practice, you need more time to arm yourself with the necessary tools. This is something I have struggled with. It’s hard enough to feel like I don’t belong, but to also not feel like I have a purpose only compounds my sadness.


Recently I purchased this really great planner. I will post a link for it, but I wanted to talk a little about it first. I like that it isn’t just full of dates. I am pretty sure no fewer than 30 pages are devoted to getting you to figure out what your life goals are. It doesn’t just blurt it out though. I read from the beginning of the planner because I wanted to get the most out of it. It asks a lot of questions about things you’ve done in the past and how they made you feel. You turn the page and then it expands on some of the answers from the previous page. It is as though it is untangling the mess in your head to get to the real root of what makes you happy and balances that with having you set concrete goals. By the time I finished writing my lifetime (yes, I now have a Life Goal), I realized that my whole mindset and how I want to approach my days and my life has changed. No longer a “here and now” type (though I have not been that way in a long time), I am trying to be more aware of how what I do now may impact my 3 year, 5 year, 10 year or life goal.

The Rituals For Living Dreambook+Planner can be found here- I bought the paperback copy, but there’s a download as well.

*I was not compensated for this nor is this an affiliate link*

After filling in my dreams and what I want out of life, it boiled down then to action. Instead of talking endlessly about what I will do “someday”, it is actually written in my planner, broken down by what needs to be done by what quarter to accomplish year 1 goals. What needs to be in the works for my 3 year, 10 year, lifetime goals. An example is that my 10 year goal is to buy a condo on the beach. It’s laughable if you think about it. However, imagine if I start now with that in mind. When I do anything, I know that all these smaller steps need to be taken first to get there. I start my Dave Ramsey class Monday. Downsize. Once the dogs pass away I will not get new ones to make condo life easier. Two of the kids will be off to college.

Photography was something that my dreambook helped me realize was a big part of my emotional health. I enjoy it. It gets me to leave the house and look at the world around me. I made it a goal to progressively take more pictures on my Canon T2i and to make sure more are posted online. Eventually I would like to upgrade to a newer camera, but not anytime soon as that would be a conflict with my 10 year goal. Do you see where I am going here?

Another goal I made was related to my health. I am no longer going to wait until things are unbearable before seeking help. I finally spoke to my doctor about my sleepiness and I am having a sleep study done to rule out narcolepsy. I am going to keep on with these goals, and I know that my purpose is in there. I am just preparing for what my role is. I feel so incredibly called to move to Florida and I know that my purpose is there. My family is there.

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