There’s a reason you can find so many sayings about walking, taking steps, leaps, or jumping in. Humans are prone to feeling stuck. We need these motivational and inspiring phrases, sayings, and poems about moving so they may give us hope. We need hope in our lives. When I typed in “feeling stuck” on Google, over 88 million results came up.”Poems about feeling lost” brought up over 12 million results.


In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I am following a “life planner.” One of my many life goals includes being debt free. I bought the Dave Ramsey system about a year ago. I have made some progress but had HUGE setbacks and made some poor choices. This evening I attended the first of nine classes at a local church. I realized that I had succeeded at step one (have $1,000 in the bank for emergency fund) several times. I never would get past that step and then next thing I knew, I would be right back at $4.11 in my bank account to last the next 2 weeks (yes, that’s right where I’m at right now).

After class this evening, like many others I am sure, I felt extra… ashamed. Looking back I saw where I had been stupid with my money. I also knew of one place that had all of my emergency fund money sitting. My Disney Savings account. Oh, my heart broke when I realized what must be done. I had been saving every month for a time when I could take the kids and myself to Disney. I think knowing what that meant to me, to my family, I hope beyond hope that it will make it harder to touch that money.


This brings me back to what I heard this evening. You can go anywhere you want in life, you just have to never stop taking those steps. Disney will have to wait for when the time is right.

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