Since Bear gets an atta boy when he does the right thing, I thought that it would be nice to have a place to put our good encounters down and let the word out on those who are friendly to service teams.  A lot of these can be found on the links page.


  • First Methodist Church of Bells has opened their hearts, minds, and doors, literally to Bear and I.  I look forward to our first service when I get back!
  • Lonestar Steakhouse We went there to eat with only a confused glance at the dog.  But no issues at all.
  • Target was great.  Bear did great and everyone was respectful not to pet or distract him.
  • Walmart was another place that was fine with Bear being in there.
  • Rafferty’s, not only was the food great, but the employees are obviously aware of the access rights of Bear and I.


  • JB Clymer’s, 400 Mountain Ave Berthoud, CO. Phone: 970-532-1099
    This place really rolled out the mat for us!  They were more than accepting of the service dogs (4 total!).  The food was fantastic and it was a very inviting place.
  • Dog House Studios, Located in Boulder, Xan was a great photographer.  She works with animals and as you can see from my attempts at taking Bear’s picture, black animals are hard to take good pictures of.
  • PF Changs Not only was the wait staff just excellent, but they didn’t seem to mind the total of 5.. yes 5 service dogs all under the table!  It was relaxing to be able to go out and not be worried all the time.  I’m not big on oriental food, I ordered the eggdrop soup which was good.
  • Walmart Loveland, Yes.. Walmart made the list!  I was nervous about going in with Bear, but was very happy when I saw a large sign posted as I came in that said they support service dogs.  Yes, I know they have to anyway, but it was nice that there was a large sign to inform everyone else that Bear and I were perfectly allowed to be there.  I even saw another service dog in there (not one of ours).
  • Target Loveland, I had no issues with Target.  One of the dogs was sick and made an.. impression… there and the staff was so understanding and nice.  Although the trainers insisted that we would take care of the mess if Target provided the resources, the staff seemed intent on helping.  This was a relief because I am sure in Bears long long life he may have an oops in a store.

New York City

  • Beekman Tower Hotel~ Staff was so very friendly.  The hotel is “pet friendly” as it is, but the concierge made sure that he spoke with the drivers of any of the limo service cars we used and made sure they didn’t hassle me about my service dog.  Also, the location is great for having the dog because there is a park literally right around the corner!
  • Gershwin Theatre~ We all went to see Wicked there and there was no hassle at all by staff!  They were very friendly and helpful in assisting me to find my seat.  I think Bear enjoyed the nap and whatever he was able to Hoover off the floor (wasn’t much since it was so clean inside).
  • Victoria’s Secret~ What can I say?  We were there without the kids!  To make shopping a little easier, I had my husband sit downstairs with Bear (I put him in a down/stay first and left hubby with a lot of treats).  My husband commented that the only thing he was missing was a cute kid because the dog attracted a lot of female attention.. lol!

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