I used to get so very upset when someone would question my PTSD diagnosis.  I felt like an impostor.  I think my feelings were based on the fact that I, myself, spent years in denial so it was very easy for me to also question.  I believed the same things that I hear from other people.  How can a FEMALE get combat PTSD, how can an AIRMAN get combat PTSD?  I thought it was stupid to try and throw that label on me.  But years upon years of therapy have shown me that yes, shockingly, it is true!  I could go on and believe those of you with no higher than a high school diploma, but I like to think God gave me the smarts to trust those who spend 12 years in college and who spent years researching and studying PTSD.  

I recently interviewed for an article that was supposed to be about the recent victory in a lawsuit I participated in.  The lawsuit was not about if you think I have PTSD or if you think I should have PTSD.  The lawsuit was about those, who like me, were ILLEGALLY discharged for PTSD with a rating less than 50%.  If the military didn’t feel I really had PTSD, they shouldn’t have booted me.  But they did.  They sent me to several doctors, all who agreed that I do, indeed, have it.  I didn’t have it, I deployed three times, I now have it.  Walks like a duck, talks like a duck.. you know the rest.  Would I rather NOT have it?  Sure!  But that’s not my life.  THIS is my life.  I would and will take whatever people want to dish if that’s what needs to happen to at least get people to read the articles about this lawsuit and raise awareness.  I am proud of my service.  I am PROUD to have been a part of the lawsuit.  I am proud that those who were included have now been awarded what they served and fought for.  I am PROUD and no comments or remarks from complete strangers will take my pride.

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